The Most Advanced
Technologies in Women’s Health.

We seek to transform the quality of women’s health in Asia and across the world by advancing the frontier of diagnostic technology.

Pushing Boundaries

We are driven to provide new and innovative ways of diagnosing and treating health conditions that affect women everywhere. Our pipeline consists of technologies developed by leading researchers in their fields.

Milu Labs, Women's Health Research

Preventing Preterm Birth

Preterm birth is a major global health problem. Our solution is a sophisticated, noninvasive diagnostic test that can be used early in the pregnancy to determine the likelihood of preterm birth.

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Milu Labs Preterm Birth Photo

Next-Generation Technology

We are simultaneously developing two cutting-edge diagnostic platforms by collaborating with world-renowned physicians and researchers. These platforms can be used to address the unmet clinical needs that exist today.


A new way to leverage the body’s natural cell signaling and intercellular communication pathways. Given the presence of exosomes in all body fluids, this approach provides us with a novel way to generate a “bio-fingerprint” that is predictive of future health risk for the patient.


An innovative and integrated approach to diagnostics that includes the analysis of the proteome, transcriptome, epigenome and microbiome. Data from these diverse set of technologies are analyzed using advanced artificial intelligence and coalesced in a single clinical test result that empowers the healthcare provider with a clear clinical course of action.

Milu Labs, Women's Health Research

Forward-Minded Leadership

Our management team is comprised of executives and researchers with the skills to identify, develop, and commercialize disruptive technologies. Consisting of experts from across the world, our perspective is as global as our team.